What’s Next?

Ever since Dr. P. mentioned the possibility of a break from chemo, my mind has been reeling with, “What next?”

Before chemo, I was in school, working part-time at a copy shop on campus.  Now, knowing that I will eventually be back on chemo, I don’t see the point in going back to school.  I didn’t earn enough money at work to make it worth going back.  Day care is our biggest expense and I can’t earn enough to pay for that.

We’ve been talking a lot about where Little Man is, mentally.  There’s something called “reading readiness” and he is exhibiting all of the signs.  He can point at words as we are reading.  He knows that books are read top to bottom, left to right.  He can name every letter and the sound it makes.  And lately, without us asking, he will look at a word and make the sounds.  (For instance, he will say, “Buh- Aa – Tuh” if he sees the word bat.)

I took enough classes to know what reading readiness is, but not enough to know how to teach reading.  I taught fourth and fifth grade, so my kids were way beyond that point by the time they got to me.  So I’ve been doing a lot of research about how to teach my kid to read.  Apparently there’s a movement out there called “home preschooling”.  A lot of the moms in my local moms group are talking about doing it with their kids.

So after a lot of research and a lot of discussion, we have decided to pull Little Man out of day care.  He will still attend public school in the mornings for his speech therapy, but I will pick him up afterwards and bring him home.  We’re going to give my body a few weeks to recover first, but I think I feel good enough to be able to handle this.  We will be able to put the $152/ week we were paying for day care towards paying off the credit card balances that have accumulated throughout this process, and Little Man will get a lot more one-on-one time.

I’m going to sign him up for a couple of activities around town so he is still able to socialize and we’re going to have a couple hours of “structured” learning time each day.  This also means I have to get my butt in gear and create a schedule and stick to it.  My boy NEEDS a schedule or he falls apart.  He’s been that way since he was an itty bitty baby.

That’s about all I know for now.  I’ll try to keep you posted as I work out more of what the future holds for us.  I’m not sure how much this blog will change now that I’m no longer receiving treatment.  Perhaps I will update with all the normal, everyday stuff or perhaps I will let it be until something cancer-related comes up again.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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4 responses to “What’s Next?

  1. Mama

    I think you will be surprised how many people keep up with your blog and you should keep it up. Now that you can live “normally” for whatever period of time God gives you, cancer is still a part of your life. I think even that posts about simple, everyday living can continue to inspire someone with cancer. And the rest of us love hearing what you are up to and enjoy your writing! Ask your followers!

    I’m very excited that you are going to keep Little Man home. As well as he is doing, it has been an emotional strain on him just as much as you and your hubby. What a great time for him to have you to himself! Do it while you can- he starts kindergarten very soon and it only goes faster and faster after that!

  2. Emily L

    Love your mom’s thoughts, and I concur! Yay for being able to do some “normal” things and more time with sweet little one! Keep writing! (That’s my vote anyway 🙂

  3. Angela Ellis

    I think you have an excellent plan. Hope you will continue to write! Have a wonderful Christmas and very Happy New Year!

  4. Shanna

    So thrilled to hear this wonderful news. I check your blog regularly, but I have been out of the country for a while, so when I logged on to check it today, I was so excited to see the update. Please keep writing; you are very talented and I have really enjoyed following your story. You probably have more “silent cheerleaders” out here than you realize!

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