I’m Still Alive!

I know it’s been a looooong time in between posts and I apologize.  At first it wasn’t intentional, and then it was.  I am not someone who can write just for writing’s sake.  Actually I generally only write when I need to work through something, and occasionally for updates.  

By far my greatest feeling since being declared cancer-free is overwhelmed.  It’s hard to sit down and write when you have no idea what to say, where to start, and you have a million other things to catch up on.  When I was sick, I rarely cooked a meal and I almost never did laundry.  Forget about cleaning.  Little Man went to school and day care and I had most of the day to myself.  

Now, Little Man is home with me 24/7.  I’m slowly but surely getting a handle on cooking again (though I am terrible about remembering to thaw the meat).  Grocery shopping and laundry are still overwhelming.  I feel like I’ll never get caught up.  Our finances are slowly but surely getting smoothed out.  I feel really blessed that all we did was run up some credit card debt, especially after seeing articles like this one.  Family and friends were amazingly generous and kept us going.  

Stepping back out into life has been interesting.  Some things are not a priority and others are.  For awhile, my priority was enjoying life to the fullest – spending time with Little Man and my hubby, drinking good wine and enjoying good food, and spending more time playing and enjoying friends.  But I’m beginning to see now that I need to do more.  

I joined a gym for water aerobics, weights & machines, and hopefully some visits with the nutritionist to learn about balancing meals better.  I plan to take a “beginner” tennis class in the fall.  I decided to join the Junior League.  I am the PTO representative for my son’s program at his school.  And I’m going to volunteer in (other) classroom(s) on the days he is in school.  Just little steps that help me live life, not just experience it.  

I can’t promise I will continue to update regularly, but I will do what I can.  I am focusing on getting healthy and loving my family, but if I have an update, I will.  I did go back to MD Anderson in June, and I continue to be cancer-free, so that is an amazing blessing.  Thank you for being a part of my journey and for your prayers.  


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4 responses to “I’m Still Alive!

  1. peggy dunkin

    SO very glad to hear from you. One of my best friends lost her battle with a cancer similar to yours…so your journey has been amazing for me to read about. I praise God for his blessings on you and look forward to hearing from from you in the future. You are in my prayers!

  2. Jacqueline Sport

    Thanks for the post- several people at church have asked about you-I’m sharing it with our email prayer list. On behalf of all the teacher’s you will be helping with your volunteering, THANKS!!! (Of course, you know of which I speak!) Love you!!

  3. Wendy

    Keep the praises going up to Heaven! However, I am tired just from reading all the activities you have volunteered for lately. Maybe you should spread it out a bit? Anyway, so happy to hear from you and hear your fantastic news. Take care!

  4. Glad you are doing so well! It sounds like your new activities will keep you busy and will be a lot of fun. There’s nothing more rewarding than volunteering and being able to give back!

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