We made it to Houston.  It was quite a drive but we listened to an audiobook to help kill the time.  My husband did all the driving and I slept off and on.  Normally when I come to Houston, it’s on my “off” week.  For some reason this trip is on my “bad” week.  So I’m feeling pretty exhausted.  I’ve thrown up a few times, but I’m hoping that it’s just the normal after-chemo issues and not that I caught Little Man’s stomach virus.  I really, really don’t want to carry that nasty stomach bug into a cancer hospital.

There were no openings in the hotel last night, so we stayed with my husband’s aunt and uncle.  We’re really blessed to have them here.  They’ve helped a lot on the trips out here.  This is the first trip where we have a car, so staying with them was an option.  They offered to let us stay the whole time but all of my appointments today are after 4:30, and it would be late before we got back.  It’ll probably be nine o’clock before I get back to the room as it is.  Tomorrow I won’t see the doctor until 2:00, so my husband and I are hoping to go to the aquarium in the morning.  I hope I feel up for it.

I’m not really nervous about this trip, but somewhat apprehensive.  I don’t know what he’s going to tell me.  Do I get a break?  If so, for how long?  A month?  Six months?  How often will I have to scan while I’m on my break?  Can I scan at home or will I still need to come to Houston?  I’m actually finally feeling so much better now that I started that new water pill.  I have lost 22 pounds of water weight in a week and a half.  Crazy hunh?  I feel like a new person.

That’s about all the news for now.  I will try to update as I know more.


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3 responses to “Houston

  1. Jacqueline Sport

    So glad to hear you got there ok. Praying for the nausea to go away! love y’all!!

  2. Susan F.

    So thankful for the improvement the new meds have offered ! Hoping you can go to the aquarium and have fun tomorrow !
    Every day, we pray for your healing and peace of mind and heart.
    God bless you today and every day !

  3. Angela Ellis

    Praying for good news! Hope you can make it to the aquarium. Hugs!

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