Update from MDA

Sorry I’m just now getting around to the update, but it’s been a busy several days.  I had my scans on Monday night and met with my doctor Tuesday afternoon.  Scans look good; there is more shrinkage.  This is a huge blessing.  But even more of a blessing was what my doctor told me this time.  I expressed concern about the extreme amount of fatigue I have been having, about how it’s difficult to do anything.  Even walking from one place to the other in the hospital I had to take 3 breaks where I sat down and caught my breath.  And the airport? I had to use wheelchairs this time.  I can’t take Little Man anywhere by myself because I get tired out too quickly.  So, my doctor heard and understood.  First, he told me to take another week off before starting chemo again.  That means today is completely free and my body gets more chance to recover before starting again.  (This also, hopefully, means that I will have some energy on Halloween!)  My doctor then told me that we were going to reduce the dosage of one of the drugs by 25%.  This is huge; my local doctor was very relieved to hear it.  Next, he told me that if I still have the extreme fatigue I have been having with this next cycle, then for my following cycle I can not do the Taxotere at all (just have a Gemzar cycle).  Again, this is huge.  Finally, he told me there is chance that I can take the month of December off from chemo!  I’m really praying for that one to come true.  Nothing would make my Christmas like not having to be on chemo.  So it was good news all around!



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6 responses to “Update from MDA

  1. annette

    I am so happy! It is awesome to hear answered prayers. I love you so much!

  2. Angela Ellis

    Yay!! So glad to hear about the shrinkage! Hope you enjoy your week!! Will continue to pray for continued healing and for a chemo-free Christmas!

  3. Emily L

    Yay! HUGE blessings! We’re so excited by your news! Thanks for keeping the site up-to-date… It’s so nice to be able to stay informed without having to pester you too often. 🙂 still praying!

  4. Jackie Sport

    So good to hear this! Praying for chemo-free Christmas, too!! Love you!!

  5. Andrea

    Thanks be to God! So happy for you all. Continuing to pray for you.

  6. Krisan

    We are so excited to hear this good news, I know you must be feeling so relieved. Will be praying that this next cycle is easier all around. Love you friend!

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