Good-ish Week

This week is normally my hard week after my long chemo.  I think I’ve had enough cycles now that I know what medications to take to head off the major symptoms.  That means this week my only issues were nausea, loss of appetite, and tiredness.  I napped every single day, whether it was intentional or not!  (One day I fell asleep in the chair for about three hours.)  I tried to do laundry, but it was too much for me, and I probably should have known that.   We ate a lot of easy meals (frozen casseroles and such) and I went to bed early every night.  But I was able to play with my son on a couple of nights and I was able to run errands with my mom today.  I feel pretty good about all this, even though it was not an easy week.  I keep wanting to be able to do more, but I know there’s a limit.  I feel like this week was one of the better “hard” weeks that I’ve had.  The loss of appetite was the hardest, because if I didn’t eat I didn’t have any energy.  It was a vicious cycle.  But there were meals I just couldn’t eat this time.  I know they’re going to get onto me about my protein when I get to MD Anderson on Monday.  A friend promised to send me some protein shake recipes, so maybe that will help when I just can’t eat.  Anyway, I just wanted to post that I had had a pretty good week.


**I’m headed to Houston for scans and to see my doctor on Monday and Tuesday, so prayers for safe travel and good results will be most definitely appreciated!



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4 responses to “Good-ish Week

  1. Jackie Sport

    Praying for safe travel and good results! Love you!

  2. Mama

    Goodish? From the woman who used to correct her grandmother’s grammer about ant, aren’t, and ain’t? I enjoyed yesterday too. You are doing great even if you don’t feel like it. I love you, Mama

  3. Angela Ellis

    Glad for a good-ish week! Prayers are with you!

  4. Gary Burton

    Never doubt for a single moment our prayers and our love for you. Circumstances and time have separated us, but there has been no erosion of our “kindred spirit.” Seize the future.

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