A Day in the Life

A day in the life of a chemo patient is never dull!  I’m sooooo thankful for everyone who has helped us out or we wouldn’t be making it right now.  Yesterday I spent the entire day either freezing, sweating, or really, really fuzzy.  I slept most of the day, but my fever hit 103 yesterday afternoon and stayed that way for a couple of hours.  It was rough. The pills I took made my head all fuzzy, so I wound up sleeping the whole day.  My doctor (well, technically another doctor on call) called in yet another antibiotic for me to take.  I’m beginning to hate antibiotics, mainly because they cause other issues.

People from our church brought over tons of frozen meals, which have come in so handy because there is no way I could have cooked on either of the last two days.  Today I’m picking up Little Man early and taking him in for his 3-year-old doctor’s appointment.  His doctor’s office has two locations, one much bigger than the other.  I’m taking him to the smaller location and hoping to get back soon.  It’s really not a good idea for  me to be hanging out in the waiting room with sick kids.  (Although I guess the antibiotics will help.)

Traveling to MD Anderson was quite a haul.  The airport is huge and I was worn out by the time I landed in Houston.  A man named Bond from the Houston Ground Angels picked me up and brought me to the hotel.  It’s a really great ministry where someone will pick up a cancer patient and take them to their hotel, and later pick them up from their hotel and take them back to the airport.  It’s free!  (In case you’re wondering, taking a cab from the airport to the hotel is $65 one way and taking a town car is $60 one way.)  So that saved me $120, which is so needed.  Flights, hotel, and meals wound up costing around $430.

Speaking of money, I spent the day before yesterday on the phone with insurance and two hospitals about bills I have received recently.  I received one bill a few weeks ago for $8737, and I freaked out.  That one, though, I thought we had already taken care of.  (It turns out that the doctor who did my surgery billed my insurance company twice, then refunded them, and somehow I got a bill that wasn’t intended for me.)  Anyway, I also received a bill from my most recent surgery for $200 from the anesthesiologist.  On the phone with the insurance company, they told me that my “major medical” hadn’t been met for the year.  Are you kidding me?  It’s September.  I have had three surgeries and all kinds of doctors appointments.  How is it possible that my major medical could not have been met (especially since every single doctor I have seen has told me it had been met for the year)?  So after some searching, we went back to that $8737 bill.  It turns out that insurance paid it 100% and that I was not supposed to pay the $200 I paid (which had till now been applied to my major medical).  So I had to spend some time on the phone with that hospital to see if they were going to refund me that money.  I didn’t get a clear answer, just if it happens, it will happen in the next month.  Um, okay.  Then I called the local hospital to figure out what the $124 outpatient bill was for.  My insurance company paid my chemo in full, but this was a separate charge for “supplies”.  No one there knew what it was about either, so they kicked it back to the insurance person on staff and are supposed to call me back.  We’ll see.  I just love dealing with all these people and getting nothing accomplished.

Today I am being as lazy as possible until I need to pick up Little Man, because I’m fairly certain he will wear me out.  I have hope that tomorrow will be a good day because I need to do laundry at some point.  My mom should be coming over to work on her duplex, which she’s turned into a gameday rental. I would like to help her.  After Little Man’s party this weekend, I just sat on the couch while everyone else cleaned up.  I hate feeling useless.  But I was so wiped.  Usually my weekends are okay, but between the airport and the hospital, I hadn’t had a minute to catch up and my body let me know it.  I think the next trip to Houston I’ll ask if we can do Tuesday/Wednesday instead of Wednesday/ Thursday.  That way I can have a day to sleep before starting chemo again.  We shall see!



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2 responses to “A Day in the Life

  1. Jo Jordan

    I am also coming to help with laundry!

  2. Jackie Sport

    Dealing with insurance stuff is no fun! Praying you will be successful in tracking down the stuff that wasn’t filed correctly. Love you!

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