Plasticware and Sarcoma

Who would have thought the answer would be so simple?  One of my nurses suggested that I try using plastic silverware instead of real silverware because it might make my food not taste so metallic.  And boy does it make a difference.  My mom is going to take me to Sam’s tomorrow to buy a whole bunch.  (We gave up our membership when it became evident we were not saving money compared to couponing.)  Also on the agenda tomorrow is finally finishing a dress that I began in a sewing class months ago (but was too sick to finish the class), while learning how to use the new (to me) sewing machine my Aunt Jackie gave me!  It’s an incredible gift and I hope to learn to sew well so that I can start sewing some of my own clothes.  Little Man is unfortunately a little too big for Jon-Jons any more, but it will be nice to have some new clothes myself!  And we plan to put together the “goody bags” for Little Man’s birthday party.

His best friend (well, truly, my best friend’s kid) is having his 3rd birthday this weekend at the fire station.  Little Man has never been to the fire station, so it should be a lot of fun.  For Little Man’s birthday, we planned something here at the house, because we really did not know how I would be feeling.  So we’re just having a few friends and family over.  It’s a “Cars” themed party, which is his favorite movie in the whole world.  We’ve got a little Cars swimming pool, my mother-in-law is making cupcakes to go on racing track (found on Pinterest), my mom made some cute checkered flag pants and a “Lightning McQueen” shirt with a “3” on it, we’ve got bean bags for them to throw into tires, and otherwise we plan to just do bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  It should be a lot of fun.  My aunt is saving the day with giving us some card tables and such to put everything on. We only have one table in our backyard and the kids will need it to eat!

This week has been a rough week for me, but there is hope that next week will be back to mostly normal.  I have to travel on Wednesday and Thursday to Houston to see my doctor and run my scans.  We are praying that the cancer has either shrunk or stayed the same.  Either means I will “stay the course” and continue the treatment I am currently receiving.  If the cancer is grown we have to make a decision.  Has it grown because the treatment is ineffective or has it grown because there just hasn’t been “enough” treatment to make a difference yet?  I’ve only had two cycles.  If the latter, we stay the course.  If the former, we have to decide (the doctor has to decide) on a whole new treatment regiment.  I’m not really sure what I want.  I mean, obviously I want it to have shrunk.  But if not, I don’t know what to want.  This is why we leave these decisions to the best in their field.

A couple of other things I have been doing for sarcoma treatment include joining a couple of registries.  One is the Sarcoma Foundation of America.  They primarily did the information gathering already, but I will give them access to my medical records so that they can follow my journey.  They have already provided me with a wealth of information and now that I’m coming out of my funk, I hope to get that going.  The other one is 23andme.  They are an actual DNA testing company.  I sent them a sample of my DNA and they are encoding it now.  I’m not really sure how it can help, but they are doing a Sarcoma initiative where they wanted to get a thousand samples from sarcoma patients to study and compare.  I sent them my sample (for free) and now they can do the research.  They have a really cool feature that isn’t quite implemented yet but I cannot wait until it is.  It take MY DNA and turns it into a melody.  This is the description:

We have a new lab that turns your DNA into a unique melody. Using various traits found in your genome, we have built a tune that is truly yours.

Cannot wait!  That’s about it for now.  I’m attempting to do some laundry today while I feel semi-okay.  I’ll be sure to post as I head to MD Anderson and have some kind of result to post about.



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6 responses to “Plasticware and Sarcoma

  1. Jacqueline Sport

    Post pictures of the dress when you’re done! Hope you enjoy some of the “antique” supplies I sent- the tracing paper I’ve had since college!!!!! Don’t even know if sewers even use it anymore!! Love you!!

  2. Mama

    Don’t tell on me!

  3. rookbar

    How about dinner while you are in town?

    • Can’t do dinner; have a CT scan at 8:00 and I can’t eat three hours before. I should be landing around lunchtime or we could do breakfast the next day if you want.

    • If you can’t work anything out, no big deal. I was planning on this being a short trip anyway – just in and out. I’ll be back six weeks later and it might be a little longer trip.

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