A Little Bit of Randomness

Nausea has set in.  Sprite seems to help, for whatever reason, so we just had to pay full price for a twelve-pack, which hurts my little couponing heart – haha.  Little Man is growing like crazy.  Being that he is my child, this means he is clumsy as all get out.  He trips over his own feet at least five times a day and has fallen out of the chair at least twice today.  “Ow” is his favorite word.  We were finally able to introduce him to a new movie this weekend – one of my favorites, Aladdin.  Yesterday was a good day, but today he wouldn’t take a nap and I feel like junk, so movie time it is.   My husband is amazing, but there’s only so much one person can do.

Since tomorrow is a holiday and the day care will be closed, we’re packing up and heading to my mom’s.  I can snag an empty bed and nap if necessary and my husband will have an extra pair of hands with Little Man all day.  I’ll just have to be sure to pack all the medication I will need throughout the day.  I discovered today upon filling up my pill planner that I will have to refill four medications this week, including one that was originally prescribed at the hospital and has no refills left.  So now I need to figure out which doctor I want to call that prescription in for me – which one wants to “handle” it from here on out.

I’m learning how to tie scarves over my head and look pretty.  A friend from college sent me some hats she knitted and and if I can ever get my chemofogged brain to remember to send her some measurements I’ll get a couple more!  Chemofog is no joke, friends.  I am very, very forgetful.  Right now I’m listening to my boy ask his daddy very clearly to “jump”, and it makes me so proud.  His language is finally starting to explode.  I love it!  Tired has hit again, so I think I’ll sign off and try to take another nap.



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2 responses to “A Little Bit of Randomness

  1. Jason Frye

    We have Sprite left over from Patrick’s birthday last weekend that we won’t drink. Let us know when would be a good time to drop it off at your parents’ house tomorrow.

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