Good-bye, Hair

At this rate, my hair should be all gone by the end of the week.  It’s falling out at an insane rate.  My scalp actually hurts.  It’s not really a burn, but definitely a tingle – and every time I touch it it hurts.  I’ve taken to wearing scarves around the kitchen because it freaks me out that there could be hair falling out in my food.  My hair salon is closed today, so I’m debating whether to wait until tomorrow to call or to call my hair dresser at home.  He offered to come here to my house to cut it for me when the time came, but I feel sort of bad calling him on his day off.  I guess we’ll see how much falls out today and if I can take it any more or not.

Health-wise, it’s been an okay weekend.  I seem to have energy in the morning and crap out in the afternoon.  Saturday morning we took Little Man to a Cancer Society fundraiser event for kids.  It was great.  He had lots of fun and I felt pretty good as well.  I also got to talk to the event coordinators about some local events for cancer patients.  That afternoon, though, I had to take a nap.  Yesterday, we went to church.  It’s amazing how much more thankful I am to be able to go to church now.  There was a church picnic last night that I really wanted to go to, but I wiped out around 4:00.  I didn’t have to nap, but I did rest on the couch while my boys played outside.  Today I’m exhausted, but some amazing friends from church are going to bring us dinner tonight!  Well, I think I’m going to eat some breakfast and crawl back in bed.



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3 responses to “Good-bye, Hair

  1. Angela Ellis

    I am so sorry. I cried when I read your earlier post about being afraid to take a shower. Hugs to you!

  2. Mama

    My friend Charlene says your lashes come back in thicker!! You are beautiful anyway!

  3. You look amazing, hair or no hair! If I know you then you probably have some gorgeous scarves to wear too.

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