A Day at Home with My Boy

Today I felt well enough to keep my son home.  We had a meeting this morning with the public school system to see if he will qualify to go for speech.  Before that, though, we spent quite some time playing with his cars.  We talked about up and down, and when cars crashed or fell off.  That’s a lot for him.  My mom came over to go to the meeting, but there were enough teachers present to keep him corralled.  He played on the school playground for a bit afterwards, then came home and ate lunch.  He was acting tired, but he did not nap.  I don’t think he’s napped in a week.  Meltdown happened at 3:30, so we are currently watching “Monkey Bear”, which is The Jungle Book.  He’s asking for “Puppy Dog” but I just can’t watch it again right now.  I do know that I will have bruises all over me tomorrow.  Little Man’s elbow is sharp!  And he doesn’t quite understand “soft”.

His meeting went well; it looks like he will qualify.  This means starting on September 17, he will be in a class of three.  Our neighbor’s little girl J will be a “peer model” (typically developing child) and there will be another little boy.  There is one teacher and one aide.  How awesome is that?  Apparently at least one more will join later in the year on his birthday, but that student teacher ratio is amazing.  They will make him use his words and he will learn so much.  A speech therapist will come in once a week, but his teachers will be working hard on speech as well.  I’m very excited.  My husband and I will go back on Wednesday to see the results of the evaluations and to write his IEP (Individualized Education Plan).

As for me, I am doing well.  Days 11-13 were my bad days, and those were exactly the days they told me to look out for.  I felt tired on some other days, particularly this weekend when we were celebrating our anniversary, but overall I think this will be bearable.  I will be able to drive myself  to chemo, so thank you so much to those who volunteered to help.  I’ve still got the list and there may be occasions when I need a ride to the ER or doctor if I’m feeling really bad and my husband can’t drive me.  Chemo starts over at Day 1 on Friday, so I’ll be able to compare to the last cycle and see what to expect.  I will probably ask for a few meals on Days 11-13 (and possibly on Day 3 or 4), for those of you asking when to bring them.  I’ll keep you posted.


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