In Case You Were Wondering…

Chemo tastes nasty.  I have this horrible taste in my mouth all the time.  The nurses suggested Lemonheads or something similar to suck on, but I am not a big lemon-flavored person.  Butterscotch is dampening it, and sweet tea helps, but if I don’t have something in my mouth … ugh.  I’m seriously debating finding some of those Blue Raspberry suckers that I used to love in high school.  What were those called?  Blow Pops?  They had bubble gum in the inside.  Surely that flavor would kill some of the taste right?

Also, today was a very scary day for me, hair-wise.  I’ve been petrified to wash my hair since receiving my second chemo treatment.  It was both more scary than and not as scary as I had expected, at the same time.  It was not as scary because a huge chunk of my hair didn’t fall out, like I was expecting.  Thank God.  I don’t know what I will do if that happens.  It was more scary because I realized I had already lost a lot more hair than I realized.  I have always had really, really thick hair.  Believe it or not, my hair started to fall out at a ridiculous pace right after my surgery in February.  I mean, an unbelievable amount of hair.  But it had (finally) stopped right before I started chemo.  This is what I kind of expected when it started falling out again – hair all over the place: in the shower, all over my house, etc.  I used to actually keep a lint brush around because it was everywhere.  But it hasn’t been like that.  I hadn’t really noticed that it fell out at all.  I discovered otherwise when washing my hair.  Maybe it’s better this way.

I do feel better today.  I hope to run a few errands this afternoon.  I’ve also got to pay a couple bills, mail off some important paperwork, and book my flights and hotel for my trip to Houston in about a month.  I think I’ve determined that AirTran is going to be my best bet.  They have the most clear-cut rewards program and the prices seem to be the best between Atlanta and Houston.  My original appointment was too early in the day for me to make it an overnight trip, but I was able to get it pushed back to later in the day.  So I’ll have bloodwork at 5:00 p.m., check-in for my CT scan at six p.m., CT scan at 8:00 p.m. (yes it takes two hours to drink that barium crap), and then I’ll see Dr. P. at 9:30 the next morning.  And I can fly back home right after that appointment – which is a good thing since it will be a couple days before Little Man’s 3rd birthday party.    So that’s about it in my world today.  Thanks for all the prayers; keep ’em coming!



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7 responses to “In Case You Were Wondering…

  1. Kathi black

    You are amazing! I found your blog today while researching peritoneal mesothelioma. My sister is dying and she is only 45. I am happy for you that it is not mesothelioma, and I am absolutely amazed at your strength as you go through this time in your life. Prayers to you and your loved ones! Keep up the great work! Kathi Black

  2. Jackie Sport

    So proud of you with this blog. I will be looking for blue raspberry suckers to send you!Love you! Aunt Jackie

  3. Jackie Sport

    Just found some blue raspberry blow pops on Amazon. Will ship them to you as soon as I get them! Love you! Aunt Jackie

  4. Jo Jordan

    Jackie, you are so great!

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