Today is Rough

I’m afraid to move.  This morning has not been good.  I’ve been extremely nauseous and I’m fairly certain that all the pills I took this morning came right back up.  I can take another anti-nausea pill in about thirty minutes, but every time I get up, my whole body fights against me.  I have been able to keep my lunch down, but again, I’m not moving!  I’m definitely not the most miserable I’ve ever felt.  I actually feel okay if I’m completely still.  I’m not as tired as yesterday.  I slept almost all day yesterday, but I’ve been awake for about three hours now and am just now starting to feel sleepy.  Hopefully a nap will help.  Some friends are bringing over dinner tonight and my mom will be coming to hang out with me tomorrow.

Yesterday I slept almost all day.  I was awake for about two hours total before my boys got home.  I was able to play with Little Man for twenty minutes and then my husband and I tag-teamed on dinner.  That was about all I could do.  But tired was mostly it.  I didn’t get nauseous until bedtime, but today I woke up feeling crappy.  I’ll try to post again as I know how I feel.



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