Day Nine, So Far

I’ve had some pretty major abdominal cramping today.  It was slight yesterday, but much worse today.  It isn’t unbearable, but I have an extremely high pain tolerance and I am very uncomfortable.  The thing is it that feels exactly like menstrual  cramps, because it is where my ovaries used to be.  So this leads me to believe that the cramping is simply the cancer medicine working.  We know I have some cancer that is back in that area, so I am optimistic that the pain I am feeling is the chemo attacking the cancer.  I had this same cramping last week after chemo as well, which seems like a good sign to me.

Otherwise I’m still feeling good.  I am taking a lot of pills, including adding – get this – Claritin of all things.  And not for the allergy reason.  Apparently several studies done on the supplemental drugs to help with Neulasta (or was it Taxotere?  I forget…)  side effects showed that Claritin would ease the bone pain.  How weird is that?  So today I’m feeling good, but stuck on the heating pad.  I can get up and do little things here and there, so I’m trying to knock out some laundry while I’m up for it.

Little Man is in his room playing instead of napping, and we’re trying to decide how hard to enforce it.  He has been fighting naps hard lately.  The thing is he really needs it.  He really melts down around 5:00 if he doesn’t get a nap.  He is having “quiet time” in his room, and it’s not really enough.  Yet at night, he gets up and plays but gets back in bed and goes to sleep.  So I don’t know if it is worth it for us to fight the battle or let him figure it out on his own.  We were going in constantly and now we’re going in about every fifteen minutes.  I guess we’ll figure it out!



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2 responses to “Day Nine, So Far

  1. Jo

    It’s called battle of the strong wills! I had to give up on you taking naps when Chris was born (and when I really needed them!) After a while his little body won’t be able to take it and he’ll start sleeping at night. Toss up on the naps.

    Love you Sweetie.

  2. Jackie Sport

    Genetics in action? I still remember you staying up talking to Uncle Bill the whole afternoon once while Tara and I napped on the couch! (I also hated naps when I was small, but can’t get enough of them now!! ) Love you!

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