So Far…

I’m doing okay.  I am definitely feeling tired.  I took a short nap yesterday afternoon while my son did.  (Thankfully, since he didn’t take one on Saturday, and that was rough.)  Then last night I woke up several times to go to the bathroom, which is unusual for me.  I’m trying to be on top of drinking all the water I’m supposed to drink during the day, but I very rarely wake up to go to the bathroom.  (I used to be a school teacher, and you cannot be a teacher with a small bladder!)  Anyway, after waking up four times last night, I decided to go back to bed this morning.  So I got up, got my son ready for school, attempted to watch some Olympics, and wound up back in bed by 8:30.  I woke up at 11:30.  Now I’m pretty hungry, which is a good sign since I wasn’t last night.

So far: some tiredness, some stomach cramping, and a sore throat.  Not sure if the last one is left over from the tonsillectomy or a combination of both.  Otherwise feeling pretty good.  Today I have a slight headache.  I’m just writing down all of the symptoms so that I can compare on my next cycle in three weeks to see what is normal.  Anyway, just wanted to give a quick update.  Thanks for all the prayers; they have definitely been working!  (Also, thank you so much to everyone who has sent coupons.  It is so exciting to open my mailbox and see them!  They will definitely come in handy.)



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2 responses to “So Far…

  1. Glad you are feeling pretty good so far! Please let me know if you think of anything we can do for you.

  2. Jackie Sport

    Good idea to write down symptoms for comparison…..Love you!

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