I had quite the icky day.  It all started at 5:55 when our son decided to walk in our room and wake us up.  I should have known it was only downhill from there.  I woke up with my tonsils bleeding, and they decided to bleed pretty much all day.  Swallowing blood is not fun, and made me quite queasy all day.  They missed my port three times and finally decided to just run an IV into my arm.  The scan went fine, but started almost an hour late due to the port issue and I was extremely queasy/ icky all morning.  I managed to eat some soup for lunch then went to bed for about four hours.  My husband came home with a killer headache and went straight to bed, so I called a friend and asked if I could bring Little Man over.  He was almost perfect while there, but oh boy were we having a Terrible Twos day here at the house.  Bedtime was quite the battle.   I finally had to put all of his cars in “time out” before he finally understood we meant business.  After we got him to bed though, I finally got to watch the US Women’s Gymnastics Finals, so that was a lot of fun.  Now I just hope that I can sleep tonight after such a long nap today.  Tomorrow I plan to do nothing but wash clothes and Friday is Chemo Day One.



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2 responses to “Yucky

  1. Jackie Sport

    Hope tomorrow is much better than today! Love you!

  2. Angela Ellis

    I am so sorry! 😦 Praying for you!

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