Prayer Pager

My prayer pager has been going off like crazy in the past week!  Those of you who are praying for me (and letting me know about it): thank you, thank you, thank you!  I was able to eat breakfast today for the first time in two weeks and I have high hopes for lunch as well :- )

For those who have just joined this blog and don’t know what I’m talking about, my prayer pager is a ministry my church does.  The church has several pagers (you remember beepers from the nineties, right?) that they pay for.  They give them to those in the church (and I think in the community as well) who are in need of prayer.  When someone prays for me, they can dial the pager number and leave “111” as the message.  Then I know someone has prayed for me.  It’s really pretty amazing and very uplifting.  So thanks for the prayers!


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  1. The prayer pager is such a neat idea!

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