So. Much. Pain.

Really.   Tonsillectomies are no joke.  I have to either be in lots of pain or hopped up on pain killers.  After several days on painkillers, I tend to feel like I’m in a cloud.  My entire day yesterday is in a cloud.  I finally gave in and busted out my Fentanyl patches.  My hope is to experience less pain without the fuzziness.  It will take a couple of days before it kicks in, but it makes me wonder – how does someone who doesn’t have access to the painkillers I do get through this?  I have great hope that it will begin to recede soon.  My doctor said two weeks of recovery and Friday will be two weeks.  Maybe.  Hopefully.  I don’t want to complain, but this is truly where I am and where I have been for the past nine days.  I’ve always tried to be honest on this blog, so there it is.



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4 responses to “So. Much. Pain.

  1. Auntie Gene

    So, so, so sorry for your pain. I’ve always heard that a tonsillectomy is far worse for an adult that for children. I pray the Fentanyl will help. Mandy says that it is stronger than morphene. Yuck. I’ve had that and it makes me throw up. I sure hope you don’t. That would be a disaster!!! We are continuing our prayers for you every day, for always!! Love you, BG

  2. Jackie Sport

    Praying – I had a hard time after my tonsillectomy as a teen…..hope the pain recedes soon. Love you!

  3. There is hope! I’m on day 15, and so far there is no ear or throat pain today…even after breakfast. It stings a bit now and then….but I will take that over the pain any day! Hope you feel better soon!

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