Don’t Worry, It’s Just Your Breath

Sometimes you just have to laugh through the pain.  Today was one of the most painful days I have ever had, and that includes before the cancer was taken in surgery.  I finally just asked my husband to take me back to the emergency room and I spent the afternoon on painkillers and fluids again.  This time, though, they gave me a big steroid shot and finally I’m starting to feel better.  I was able to eat mac & cheese, drink three very large cups of water, and eat a bowl of ice cream.  My ENT wants me to follow up tomorrow.  My kid has been happy-go-lucky and loving all day.  He had surgery about two weeks ago on his adenoids and ear tubes.  Afterwards his breath was kickin’.  Man it was rough!  Since I have had my surgery, my husband keeps sniffing the air when the two of us are together and asking if my son is poopy.  I never smell anything and I told hubs I was starting to feel paranoid.  Today he actually apologized to me and said, “Babe, I think it’s your breath.”  LOL!  He’s been kissing me and sleeping beside me and holding me and it took him this long to realize my breath was kicking?  Oh well.  Considering the amount of pain I’m in, I doubt there’s anything I can do about it.  I love bubble gum but my jaws ache just thinking about it, and forget about mints.  I just have to hope that my breath will clear up sooner than my son’s did and try to only talk to people who like me till then!  🙂

On the agenda for this week:

  • Monday – follow-up with Dr. B. (assuming he can fit me in)
  • Tuesday – “nurse education” at the hospital where I can learn more about the chemo I’ll be taking
  • Thursday – decisions, decisions.  Meeting with Early Intervention for the one-year evaluation of my son’s progress and a determination about whether to continue services at the local elementary school or to get him private speech lessons.

*Also hopefully on the agenda, lots of food and ice cream to make up for not eating the entirety of last week.


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One response to “Don’t Worry, It’s Just Your Breath

  1. Your post made me laugh out loud this morning at my desk! Believe me…I’m not laughing at you; I’m laughing with you. The main reason I was concerned about coming back to work so soon wasn’t the discomfort…it was the breath. I’ve spent the last week with my hand in front of my mouth (like that could really do anything about the “kicking” breath) very self conscious about potential rancid breath! I started gargling with warm salty water to keep it all clean. And when I could eat more solid foods, I think it helped. Right now, the worst thing I’m dealing with is the accidental yawn. If you haven’t yawned yet, just know that it is a completely unpleasant experience! Feel better soon!

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