If you want to know what life after tonsillectomy is like, check out this guy’s posts.  He makes me laugh.  He had a tonsillectomy a few days before I did, and is apparently having quite a time with the recovery.  My pain tolerance is a little more than his, and I don’t have quite the effects from the Loritab (probably because I’ve been on it for months before now), but for the most part what he is saying is what I am feeling.



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5 responses to “Funny

  1. Jackie Sport

    I actually had a flashback of the exact spots my throat hurt after my tonsillectomy 38 years ago……….. I totally knew where he was coming from!! Eat ice cream and rest! Love you!!

  2. Jo Jordan

    You haven’t been as whiny as this guy! I think you’ve done great!

    • Eh, I don’t think he’s whiny. I think he’s pretty funny. It is pretty hard to describe the pain if you haven’t felt it.

      • Jordan

        Mesomama, I got some notice that my blog was linked here…I think that’s hilarious! I’ve enjoyed the blogging experience as a way of finding humor in a painful situation. I think you’re right about trying to describe the pain. My wife had hers out about ten years ago, and she didn’t have any ear pain or prolonged throat pain. I’ve had ups and downs but definitely not the horror stories that many people post! Laughing and knowing that I was making others laugh helped pass the time. I hope you are doing well!

      • You’re definitely helping me get through the pain. Every four hours I want to rip my ear out and I finally realized yesterday (after a week of taking pain medication) that it was doing almost nothing. It made me stop wanting to climb the walls, so I thought it was working. Ha! Too bad it took being hospitalized to realize it. Keep writing; I wish I had a way to use words like you do. I’ve added your blog to my follow list.

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