Tonsillectomy Update

I’m on a liquid painkiller, so hopefully this will make sense.  My tonsillectomy went fine.  I had an allergic reaction to one of the medications yesterday afternoon.  My husband had to go get Children’s Benadryl for me, since I can only take liquids right now.  The doctor has yet to call me another prescription so I’m just taking the painkiller now.  I feel pretty swollen right now, but swallowing is a lot easier today than it was yesterday.  The doctor said it would be worse tomorrow though I don’t know why.  My mom has come over and is helping with washing clothes and cleaning up.  She made me lots of potato soup.  I’m feeling woozy so I’ll probably take a nap this afternoon.  Sorry if I’m not making sense; just wanted to do a quick update.



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5 responses to “Tonsillectomy Update

  1. I was just about to text you and see how you were feeling today, then I opened my email and saw your update! 🙂 Stinks you had an allergic reaction, but yay for Mom and Potato Soup being here! 🙂 Let me know if you need anything!

  2. Wendy

    Hope you recover swiftly! Send your mom over to my house when she is finished. I have lots of dirty clothes, dishes, etc. Take care!

  3. Jackie Sport

    Yes, tell her to come on down the road when she’s done with yours and Wendy’s houses! 🙂 Seriously, rest and eat ice cream and potato soup and broth, and water, and whatever you can liquify that sounds good!

  4. Mary Gilbert

    Glad it went well, praying for relief from pain and swelling. Eat what you. I am sure the dr told nothing to crunchy or crusty but eat to keep the scap from building to much – what I was told a many moons ago when I was 19. Prayers Hugs
    Mary Gilbert co-worker of your sweet Daddy!!

  5. Susan F.

    Praying for you today, and every day !!!!

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