How Can You Help?

Ever since I had surgery, people have been offering to help. After I started feeling better, my general response was, “Once I start the chemo, I’ll let you know what I need.” Well… now is that time.

One practical thing that someone who is not physically near me: we need coupons. We currently buy two papers every Sunday, but because we live in a smaller town, we don’t get many coupons in our inserts. We tried having papers delivered from two larger cities, but one had no inserts and the other was delivered maybe once a month, in spite of us paying for every Sunday. It will be more difficult now to remember to buy the Sunday papers, and we need less things on our plate! So if you get the Sunday paper, I can really use the inserts. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you an e-mail with where to send them.

For those who are here and willing, I really need to know who would be available to drive me to and/or from chemo and/or the gym. As I’ve been reading about the side effects of my drugs, it appears I may not be able to drive. I’ll do another update soon about the types of chemo I will be receiving, but here’s the basics, time-wise. On Day One, I will be receiving a 90-minute infusion. On Day Eight, it will be almost four hours. Then I’m “off” until Day 22, which is technically Day One of a new cycle.

What does this mean? Well, out of 21 days, I will need someone on two of those days. Or two someones on Day One and two someones on Day Eight. Or one someone for each day. However it works out. My husband would have to take off to take me there and to pick me up, and we’re trying to save his leave time for the days when our son is sick or I am really sick. My mom can come over on some of those days, but bear in mind she does not live here, and she will already be coming over on the days that I just really can’t care for myself. If at all possible, I would like to work it out so that someone picks me up from my house and takes me in to the hospital and someone else picks me up at the hospital two or four hours later to take me home. If someone can do both in one day, great. If someone can only drop off but not pick up, great. I really just need a list of people who think they might be able to do this. If I have a list, I can quickly and easily call and schedule people ahead of time.

If you commit to this, it is not a two-hour or four-hour commitment. I have books, music, and cross-stitching to keep me occupied while receiving my treatments, so you do not have to sit with me. I’m just trying to make things a little easier on my caregivers – my husband and my mom – by not making them have to rearrange their schedules constantly for a simple fifteen minutes here or there.

**One note: I do not know yet whether Day One and Day Eight will be on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. It will never be on a Wednesday, as Dr. F. is not in the clinic on that day. I am waiting on the tonsillectomy and recovery before starting my chemo, but we are sincerely praying that I will be able to begin my treatment the week of July 16.

Also, there may be things that I think of in the future where we need help. If you are not able to either of things, but are willing to help in the future, please leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail or a text. Be sure to tell me if you would available last-minute or need advance planning. I will e-mail you to figure out the best way to be in touch with you and keep a list together as needed. Thank you!



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17 responses to “How Can You Help?

  1. Leslie

    I don’t live close to you, but maybe someone in your church(hint, hint, friends!!!!!!) could actually take charge of this, organize it, and make the list….one less thing for you to worry with. I have a rather large family, and my cousin did that for the family when my uncle had chemo.

  2. Jackie Sport

    Still praying, from home… wish I lived close enough to help with this…..Love you!

  3. Joshua Jarrell

    Rainey and I are fully moving to Atlanta mid-August. I haven’t followed well with where your treatments will be, but if there are flights in/out of Atlanta, we will do all we possibly can to assist in that area. If you need to save money by flying real early or get in real late, our house will be open to you and your family before and after flights. We can easily get you to and from the airport, to and from our house. If you’re commuting from Auburn to the airport, then we can arrange to meet Will or your mother somewhere in the middle to ease that burden on them. Also, we will keep our eyes open for valu-paks and Sunday coupon inserts in Atlanta papers and send them your way.

    Just say the word (but not until mid-August, unfortunately).


    • Josh,

      It will probably be end of August or September before I need to fly again, so this will be perfect! I’m really glad that y’all are moving close and that you would be cool with me staying if I need to. That will definitely open up my options when flying. Just keep me posted as to when you are officially moved and we’ll figure something out. Thank you, thank you. You are really amazing!

  4. Gwen Sherburne

    There is a websit called care calendar that allows you to put your schedule needs and people can sign up to help you. Wonderful way to simplify things. It will even remind people about their days to help.

  5. Annette Rogers

    I am so proud of u asking for help that is awesome. I wish I was closer but drew and I have bee lead to support u financially so use it if u Ned a paid caregiver or however u need it. U will b receiving it monthly hope u have received the first gift already. I love u so much!

  6. Lauren

    Do you eat yogurt? I have recently perfected the art of making my own in my slow cooker, and I can give you those instructions. All you need is a starter (small cup of Stoneyfield yogurt) and a gallon of milk. Plus a slow cooker. It has saved us a ton of money and it is super simple to make.

    Also, I’m about to have the first three of your hats ready. I am hoping to ship them to you by the time you start your chemo.

    • I’m trying to add yogurt to my diet. My dietitian wants me to eat Greek yogurt because it has more protein, but I’m having some issues getting past the taste. LOL. Best guess is that I will probably only eat yogurt mixed in a fruit smoothie.

  7. Wendy

    My niece is a huge fan of coupons, so I asked her for websites rather than paper inserts for you to review. This is her reply to my request:

    coupon dede (my favorite), The Coupon Clippers, and Kuntry Clippers…these are the ones I use in the order listed…I look at the Publix ad on Monday morning at I Heart in one window…with the Coupon DEDE open in another window..If there is something I want to buy in the coming week’s ad, I just search for the coupon and add it to my cart..I usually receive them on Thursday and then go shopping. Very Reasonable..I don’t even buy the paper anymore either..

    Hope this helps!

  8. Amanda Leikvold

    I will be happy to drive you to and from the hospital, especially since it is summer time. If you don’t start chemo until after school begins I will be happy to pick you up if the timing works out. Please call me anytime, I will make my schedule work for you. Also, if you still need babysitters, I am avalaible. Prayers-

  9. Judy Colley

    I will be glad to help with driving you for your treatments. Just call me when you need me.
    Judy Colley

  10. Shanna

    I would like to help with driving you to treatments if possible, but I am not clear on where I would be driving you to/from. Is your Chemo here locally?

    • Yes, chemo will be done at the Cancer Center at the hospital. It will start on August 3 at 8:30, then I will have another treatment on August 10. I’ll add you to the list, and let you know when I need a ride. Thank you so much!

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