Tonsillitis, Again

My doctor is talking tonsillectomy. Anybody done this as an adult and have any advice for me? I’m not excited, but if I have to do, I want to do it before I start chemo. Anybody know if doctors do surgery pro bono? 😀 Obviously, I have to talk to Dr. P. (sarcoma doc) before I make any decisions, but tonsillitis is awful. To top it all off, I’m apparently having an allergic reaction to one of the medicines the doctor prescribed. I broke out all over, am itching like crazy, swollen all over… An amazing friend is bringing over Benadryl, which the doctor told me to take. He’s also prescribing a different antibiotic. Does the pharmacy take back unused drugs? Because I’m a little tired of paying for them and not being able to use them.

I’m trying to get prepared for Houston as best as I can while feeling miserable. The folks at the hospital are actually cracking me up. I have received no less than two e-mails and three phone calls reminding me of my appointment. I have confirmed every single one of these. Do people actually forget appointments to see the leading cancer doctors in the world? I mean, really.

So today will be spent enjoying ice cream and my bed, once the itching stops. I’ll try to post again as I get to Houston and keep you updated on what I know.



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9 responses to “Tonsillitis, Again

  1. Jackie Sport

    Bless your heart! Whatever the specialist thinks is what I’d do-I had mine out at 14 (when I THOUGHT I was an adult! 🙂 ) Boy, can I remember those horrible sore throats before they came out! Love you and praying, praying, praying!!

  2. Leslie

    I have tonsillitis 4 or 5 times a year and COULD NOT get a doctor to take out my tonsils. I don’t take anything unless I get a positive strept test….just drink a lot.
    I don’t know any free doctors, but if you live in a foreign country they will come on a mission trip and work on you….and my pharmacy has a “no take backs” policy. I actually tried. :o) You don’t know me, so I hope you can read between the lines and know I’m kidding. I’m 2E’s massage therapist, and I’m praying for you. Leslie

  3. Wendy

    Just think of it as that you are “itching to get started”!
    Praying for you daily,

  4. Lucy Grice

    Praying for you! Next time you get meds you might consider just buying a few at a time to make sure you will be using the rest of the prescription. I did this with my Dad’s recent new meds. And low and behold they changed his meds and we didn’t get stuck with a full bottle.

  5. Angela Ellis

    Oh, no! Praying that you will feel better soon! Let me know if you need anything!

  6. Mary Gilbert

    Do not be afraid to asked for samples and like mentioned above just buy a few at the time. However, you can give unused meds to some doctors that do mission trips and it can be a blessing to someone. Many moons ago when I was 18 had the tonsils out. I did fine. You just have to slow down eat what you can nothing to crusty and listend to your doctors . SInce you are already a patient in B’ham UAB has anyone mentioned the Charity Care Program there. IF not check into it at the Kirklin Clinic. You have to go there. Have your Dad get with me – Mary GIlbert. My brother has had great care through them. Payers and Hugs

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