Today was a hard day for me.  Sometimes emotions hit me when I least expect them to.  I knew that I have really been dreading the dentist appointment I had today, but I could not figure out why.  Suddenly on the way over, I remembered that I was pregnant the last time I saw them.  And I really didn’t want to get into the whole story with them.  

Luckily when I got there, they already knew.  But that didn’t stop me from crying through the whole appointment.  And when I found out I had two cavities.  Y’all, I haven’t had a cavity since I was like seven years old.  But two cavities shouldn’t make me cry like a baby.  

But then tonight some people came over from our church.  They prayed for us and then proceeded to several things around the house.  They cleaned out our garage, reorganized the closet in what will be my son’s new room, and cleaned out all of the dead branches, etc. in our backyard.  It was such a blessing.  It reminded me that my God will always take care of me.  I may not understand what is happening or why my emotions randomly get out of control, but He is still taking care of me.  


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  1. Angela Ellis

    I am so sorry! You have every right to cry, given all you’ve been through and are going through. Hugs!

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