Back from Vacation

Apparently I was gone for so long that my blog forgot me.  LOL.  I had to log back in before I could post, whereas I am usually automatically logged in.

We have a date.

It’s July 3.


No, seriously.  That was the first available appointment, even with me being a priority patient.  I’ve had a few days to process this news, and (believe it or not) I am insanely happy about this date.  This means I will have the entire month of June where I am relatively healthy for my boys.  I plan to swim, take Little Man to the museum and the library and the zoo, get some things done around the house, head down to visit with my in-laws, and put up lots of food for those days when I’m not feeling so well.  Heck, we might even get Little Man potty-trained in that time.  The only downside is that my mom and I won’t be in town for their annual 4th of July party.  She is not upset about this, though. because she wants to get on out there.

I spoke with Dr. F. this morning.  She feels very confident with this diagnosis.  She also reminded me that my latest CT Scan looked good, so it will be okay if I have to wait a little while  before starting treatment.  I  do have to get my port flushed though.  (Did I mention about my port?  I can’t remember.  The scar will be minimal, and the port will make it much easier to take blood and give me my chemo.  However, if it is not being used it has to be flushed once a month.)  So I’ll need to schedule that next week.

I had a really great time on vacation, but overdid it the first day.  Hubby wasn’t getting off work on Thursday, so I decided to take Little Man down on my own.  I was not capable, physically, for such a long day with such a heavy and active child.  I was laid up most of the next day, which made me incredibly sad.  I feel (most days) like I am almost well, but the truth is I still have cancer.  And it’s still attacking my body in ways that I do not understand.  I cannot continue to act as if all is well – it is not.  So, much to my disappointment, Hubby had to bring Little Man back with him on Monday.  (Due to all of the vacation/sick days he has had to use for my illness this year, he only had one vacation day + holiday, so he came back on Monday, while I stayed through Thursday.)

My mom, sister-in-law, and nieces came to stay with me, though, and that was nice.  I would have really loved for Little Man to get that time with his cousins, but it wasn’t feasible.  I really enjoyed the time with my nieces, particularly the six-year-old.  We were able to talk a little bit about my illness, so it wouldn’t scare her when I start to lose my hair.  MD Anderson has some great ideas about how to talk to kids – the “three C’s”.  The Three C’s are Cancer, Catchy (contagious), and Cause.  You tell the kid the name of the illness – Cancer – and that they can neither Catch it, nor did they Cause it.  I skipped the “cause” step with her, because she is not my child, and that step is mainly for kids whose parents have cancer.  (They think they may have caused it in some way, and you have to discourage that line of thinking.)  My son is still too young for this talk, but I try to remain cognizant of when I will need to have it with him.

Once we got back from vacation, Hubby and I spent some time putting away fruit and veggies.  We are sharing a CSA box with another couple, so we get fresh fruit and veggies every week.  For the next several weeks, we are going to have an overabundance of blueberries.  It’s my son’s favorite, but even he can’t put away a gallon a week.  So we spent last night putting away blueberries by the pint, so that we can just pull them out of the freezer whenever we need them.  (I am even going to try my hand at a blueberry pie, which will officially be the first pie I have ever made!)  Blueberries are insanely easy to put up, and I’m hoping next week will be spent putting away  peas and butter beans.  Those are much harder.  It’s pretty much an all-day process.  Between the 1/4 of a cow that we purchased and the peas and butter beans we’ll be putting up soon, we should save a lot of money this year.  I have to get back on the couponing wagon, but I’m working on it.  This summer is going to be tough, money-wise.  I have been approved for disability, but it will not go into effect until the end of August.  I belong to a local mama’s group that is doing a fund-raiser for me in a couple of weeks.  It really amazes me that people want to do that for us, and I feel so blessed to be a part of this community.

That’s about all the news I can think of right now.  I’ll post again if I learn anything else or if something else is going on around here.



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2 responses to “Back from Vacation

  1. Jackie Sport

    Once again, my computer “ate” the comment I started! (In case another incomplete one pops up!) Enjoy the pie baking- you’ll be so proud of yourself! I made one once when I was in high school spending a week with Mama Lee. It didn’t turn out too bad! Glad to hear you had a good vacation, even though the boys weren’t there-glad you got to rest! Love you!

  2. Andrea

    So glad you had a good and relaxing vacation. You’ll have to report on how your pie turns out. Wish I had gallons of blueberries. My CSA had two cabbages this week – gave them to my inlaws. 🙂

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