Prayers, Please

A short post today: I just need to ask for some prayers.  

First and foremost, I am back to not sleeping at night again.  The past two nights I woke up every 30 mins- an hour, and stayed awake for about 45 minutes each time.  (For those of you new to this blog, this has been an ongoing battle since February.)  I think I’m going to have to break down and start using the sleeping pills the doctor prescribed, even though they didn’t work very well when I took them in February.  It truly seems the only nights I have gotten any good sleep is when people are praying for it.  If you think about it, will you pray that I start to get some good (regular) sleep?

Also, I have to go into surgery again tomorrow.  It’s an outpatient surgery to have my port put in, but it will take me about four hours, mainly because they have to do x-rays before and after.  The x-ray before is to determine the right spot to place the port, and the one after is to make sure my lung didn’t collapse in the process of placing it.  (Yikes!)  I won’t know what time the surgery is until they call me tonight, so please pray throughout the day.

Finally, my back is acting up something fierce right now.  Because of all the appointments I’ve been having, I haven’t had time to make my regular visits to my chiropractor.  If you don’t know me personally, my story is this: I had a major car accident (my fault) when I was eighteen and a minor one (not my fault) when I was 23.  These two combined did a number on my back that sent me to the emergency room at least once a year (sometimes more) when I literally could not stand up from the pain until I started seeing a chiropractor regularly.  (If you want the whole spiel, it turned out that the accidents had knocked my spine out of alignment which was placing pressure on my lower vertebrae.  The fluid between the vertebrae started to deflate and a couple of the vertebrae in my lower back popped out.  Very painful.)  Anyway, once I did some extensive therapy, I eventually got to where I can just see the chiro as needed.  But, like I said, it’s been difficult to get in with all the other appointments.  Will you pray that I get some relief until I am able to go see him?

Thanks so much for the prayers!  Every one is greatly appreciated!



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4 responses to “Prayers, Please

  1. Jackie Sport

    Praying without ceasing!! Love you!!!

  2. Sue Darnell

    We’re praying for you! Mike and Sue Darnell

  3. Sharon

    On it! You are always in my prayers & extra for todays requests. Good, positive thoughts for tomorrow too. Maybe you’ll feel them.


  4. neva

    Thinking about you today during your surgery! Hope all goes well and uneventful!

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